“Karate International was a great experience for my son.  As the youngest child in the neighborhood he got used to acting out his aggression on the older children, as he grew older and developed a bit of a temper this became a real issue.  During his time at Karate International my son learned the self control he needed to be able to play well with others.  He really enjoyed the physical activity and camaraderie from the classes.”

Cherie J.

Pfafftown, NC

“I had taken Tae Kwon Do classes at a dojo that only focused on that discipline previously.  What I love about KI aside from the great people is that the instructors are knowledgeable about many different martial art forms.  Learning Karate, Judo, Ju-jitsu and Tae Kwon Do all at the same dojo has been awesome!  With all of the different styles there is something that everyone can excel at and always something new and cool to learn.”

Nikolas J.

10 Weeks of Summer Classes

Spend your Summer learning a variety of martial arts forms at KI Lewisville. Limited time only, for new students, attend 10 weeks of classes and receive a new uniform for only $169, a savings of over $100.

Birthday Parties

High Energy, exciting parties where kids can play games with the instructor, take their first karate lesson and play productive games!  Our dojo is available for birthday parties on Saturdays and select Sundays. For prices and more information, contact us.

Stranger Danger

Course for Children- FREE 
Certain Instructors in your dojo are certified and available to teach stranger awareness to groups of children in a fun and exciting way.  Great for after school programs, daycares and varied school functions.

Self Defense

Needs description.

Life Skills Classes

We’re proud to offer Life Skills training as a part of our regular teaching. The lessons cover subjects such as responsibility, discipline, safety, respect and may feature guest speakers on subjects such as DARE Officers, Fire Safety, Balancing Work and Play, Strategies for Relaxation, Heart Health, Back Health and more!