Why Choose KI?


With the world becoming increasingly dangerous on an almost daily basis, people of all ages need to learn how to defend themselves more than ever. Our society, especially children, also need to learn key values that will follow them for the rest of their lives. These values include Honor, Respect, Confidence, and Discipline.

Karate International prides itself in its ability to teach students how to “fight” for whatever it is they want out of life. Whether it is the confidence to become a public speaker or the security of knowing that you know how to defend yourself if needed. We provide this training through a variety of courses including Little Dragons (3-5 year olds), Stranger Danger, Family Classes, and Personal Training.

Karate International’s AMAA (American Martial Artists Association, based in Winston-Salem, NC) Certified Instructors specialize in teaching high-energy classes that make learning the Martial Arts safe and fun. Our ranking system teaches students how to set and attain goals without sacrificing the quality of training received.

Do you want to compete in nationwide tournament circuits  Do you want your child to gain confidence and/or discipline? Or do you want to feel secure that you and your loved one(s) can defend themselves if they were ever required? Karate International can help make your goals a reality. Just contact us and schedule a time to take a free class so you can meet some of our Instructors… All ages are welcome, children are our specialty.

KI History

A LEGACY OF BUILDING LEADERS. Karate International has been in existence since 1957 and has served NC since 1974 (opening in Winston-Salem in 1977). We’ve been in Lewisville since 1991 and have trained many hundreds of students to black belt and played a large part in their success outside the dojo. With requirements that go beyond the physical into good grades, discipline and leadership, we’ve been building leaders for over 50 years.

KI Code and Policies

I pledge that I will never use nor reveal the knowledge I have gained in martial arts except in self defense situations. I will conduct myself forthrightly before my fellow man and honor my dojo. I will always seek to humbly walk through life in peace; but if forced to strike, I will do so swiftly and with intent. I will not dishonor this code or my dojo.

Testing Procedures

For a student to be prepared to test for gold stripe or above, he/she must finish their class card and pre-test before a Master Instructor or Sensei. Students must pre-register to test. The test will usually be on a weeknight during normal class hours. The student will receive his/her belt that night. If you have any confusion, talk to your school manager or instructor and they will further explain.

All students will earn their ranks. They will not be given a rank if practicing is not apparent or if the child does not have good grades at school.

Remember, the Head Instructors have practiced the martial arts for a long time and know when someone is ready to test. Students should not want a rank that they have not earned. We earn ranks here.

All testing is governed by AMAA.

Ranks and Uniforms

The following is the order of our rank structure and the Uniform (Gi) in which they should be wearing.

  • White Belt
  • Gold Stripe
  • Gold Belt
  • Orange Belt
  • Blue Belt
  • Green Stripe
  • Green Belt
  • Purple Belt
  • 3rd Brown Belt
  • 2nd Brown Belt (Brown w/ Black)
  • 1st Brown Belt (Brown w/ Red)
  • 1st Dan Black Belt (Shodan)
  • 2nd Dan Black Belt (Nidan)
  • 3rd Dan Black Belt (Sandan)
  • 4th Dan Black Belt (Yodan)
  • 5th Dan Black Belt (Godan)
  • 6th Dan Black Belt (Master Instructor)
  • 7th Dan Black Belt (Master)
  • 8th Dan Black Belt (Sr. Master Instructor)
  • 9th Dan Black Belt (Grand Master)
  • 10th Dan Black Belt (O’Sensei)
  • White Belt through Green Stripe wears all white gi
  • Green Belt through 1st Brown Belt Wears white top and black bottoms
  • 1st & 2nd Degree Black Belts wear all black gi
  • 3rd & 4th Degree Black Belts wear all red gi
  • 5th Degree Black Belts wear all blue gi
  • 6th, 7th & 8th Degree Black Belts wear Master red & white panel belt with any gi.
  • 9th & 10th Degree Black Belts wear Grand Master red Belts with any gi.